8 May 2024


The organic fraction is usually the predominant part of waste from municipal collection or waste generated by production processes.

The organic fraction is usually the predominant part of waste from municipal collection or waste generated by production processes. It is also the most complex part to treat.

It is a mixture of plastics and wet organic material and the difficulty of the treatment is to separate the two materials completely in order to obtain, on the one hand, a homogeneous organic mixture ready for composting or anaerobic digestion and, on the other hand, packaging that is clean and ready for subsequent reuse in production.

Tiger Depack is able to separate materials (wet or dry) into two clean matrices. During the separation process Tiger is able to adjust the content of water, or process liquid, in order to extract an organic material with the right density and a clean inorganic matrix with the right weight.

Cesaro Mac Import SRL, a leading Italian company in the waste treatment plant sector, has developed a targeted technological solution for the separation of packaging from organic residue, a technology that achieves almost total recovery of materials in terms of quantity and quality.

Tiger Depack has been specifically designed to process numerous materials otherwise destined for disposal, to treat packaging and to separate organic materials.

All this in a single machine that works with a shredder, a vertical screen and an extrusion screw, with no pre-treatment and no need to prepare materials in advance.
Cesaro’s Tiger Depack is a very simple, fast, versatile, highly efficient and compact machine. Tiger can work on its own or be integrated and incorporated into already operating treatment plants. It can work 24 hours a day, indoors or outdoors. There are three models for different volumes to be treated: Tiger HS 20, Tiger HS 10 Tiger HS 5.

Tiger Depack is the best technology for organic waste recovery in 15 years. Tiger is known and used all over the world (Europe, USA, Russia, Canada, Australia) for numerous reasons: it is suitable for all types of waste, it valorises materials that would otherwise be sent to landfill, it lowers operating costs, it reduces water and energy consumption, it limits the use of landfill with its related costs, it transforms waste into resources, it panders to the objectives of the circular economy (EU directives), it facilitates safety at work and it has a worldwide network of dealers ready to intervene professionally and quickly to respond to customers’ needs and for all types of assistance: warranties, spare parts, ordinary and extraordinary maintenance.

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