Feeding System

Maximum feeding flexibility

The Tiger System has been designed to maximise feeding versatility. This is due to its connectivity with automatic management software, its compact size, its large loading hopper and its feeding system.

Feeding System

Flexible Loading

Thanks to its extreme versatility, the Tiger System can be loaded in a variety of ways, allowing it to be inserted in various new and existing production contexts.

Maximum customisation will allow you to decide on both the preferred level and the loading side. Based on the density of the output material, the Tiger Depack and its system can be equipped with the most suitable discharge system. Further customisation can be achieved if you want to move aggregates by adopting a hybrid tank with an auger for the aggregates and a booster pump for the organic fraction.


Wheel Loader / Forklift

Tiger Depack can be fed from both sides at a useful height for wheel loaders and forklifts that can feed the directly packed material.


Orange Peel Grab

Tiger Depack can be fed with automated loading systems withorange peel grab or loader.


Conveyor Belt

The Tiger Depack system can be inserted into existing plants and connected to the belt loading system and control systems in the plant.

the organic fraction or content discharge system can be modified according to subsequent process requirements

Discharge and Separation Systems

The Tiger System provides different relay systems depending on the characteristics of the output material..


Without the addition of process liquids, the organic fraction obtained is semi-solid and can be handled by wheel loader.


Through the adduction of process liquids, it is possible to obtain a directly pumpable product to feed the anaerobic digester. The quantity of process liquids can be regulated by the control panel instant by instant.

Customised material upgrading systems are also available: