14 June 2024

IFAT 2024 Tiger Depack: Italian Innovation in Waste Treatment

Welcome to the TigerDepack stand, where we present our advanced waste treatment technologies developed by Cesaro Mac. Import, a leading Italian company. We specialise in manufacturing state-of-the-art machinery designed to separate plastics from the organic fraction of waste, thus improving the efficiency of composting and anaerobic digestion processes.

The TigerDepack Technology

Our TigerDepack machine is the first crucial step in the anaerobic digestion process, preparing the organic fraction for composting. Thanks to a new technology, the machine is equipped with a tank that makes it possible to separate light and small plastics, often present as contaminants in the organic fraction. This innovation is particularly relevant in light of new European regulations, which require the removal of such contaminants.

Using an air system combined with water, TigerDepack is able to remove all plastics smaller than 12 millimetres. At the same time, heavy materials such as stones and sand are easily removed as they tend to settle to the bottom of the tank. This technology, patented worldwide by Cesaro Mac Import, is distributed worldwide.

The new UM320 mixer

At IFAT 2024, we presented our new machine, the UM320, for the first time. This mixer is designed to perfectly mix the organic fraction from biogas plants with fresh green waste. The correct combination of these materials is essential to create an ideal matrix for composting.

Proper mixing ensures that the matrix and the pile inside the composting tunnels are optimal to allow the bacteria to fully decompose the organic waste fraction. The end result is a high quality compost, perfect for agriculture.

An Integrated System

TigerDepack’s technologies, together with the UM320, represent an integrated and complete approach to waste management. These machines can be combined to create a closed loop from waste, through energy, to agriculture.

With these innovations, TigerDepack continues to demonstrate our commitment to improving sustainability and efficiency in waste treatment.

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