Safety Technology

The All-In-One Solution

The design of dedicated solutions and the use of materials such as Hardox and stainless steel have halved the changeover intervals compared to competitive products. Thanks to these features, the Tiger Depack is the most compact and reliable machine on the market, with the lowest operating costs per tonne processed.


Reliability & Efficiency

Tiger Depack do not tolerate any compromise when it comes to the safety of their machines. Passive and active systems control functionality, even from remote locations, which conform with the strictest laws on safety.

Lockable and alarmed external hatches for accessing compartments with moving parts

Open hatch alarms and automatic shut-down of moving parts

Manual alarm buttons

Hatches with self-locking screws to internal compartments

Emergency lighting signalling In Use

Integrated control board within the body of the machine in a protected an isolated position

Tiger Depack Emergency Circuit which can be integrated with the target system’s emergency circuit

Lifting hooks fitted for lifting/handling machinery

Easy access to all parts of the machine for maintenance at any time

Planned maintenance by specialist staff, worldwide

Both sections, feeding and processing, are managed by a single operating software that adjusts the speed of the augers according to the settings provided and the characteristics of the material to be processed.

Thanks to these features, Tiger Depack is the most compact and reliable machine on the market with the lowest operating costs (per ton processed).

Optimized automatic processing cycle with set parameters

Machines suitable for indoor or outdoor processing

Robust components, structure and frame designed for heavy workloads

Production capacity over a 24/7 processing cycle

Low maintenance

Oversized electrical motor in relation to the power required

Automated end-of-day cleaning cycle

• Internet connected