8 May 2024


Approved food waste decontamination system.

Approved for ISWR composting plant the purchase of a food waste unpacking system.

Jackson, Wyoming. – The Teton County (Wyoming) composting plant has received approval from the county commission to purchase and install a food waste de-packaging machine.
During this morning’s meeting, the commission unanimously supported Ecoverse Industries’ application.
According to the information report submitted by Integrated Solid Waste and Recycling (ISWR), the de-packaging system is needed to activate the composting of commercial food waste. This unpacker is designed to remove up to 99.5% of the contaminants in the food waste stream and thus achieve a higher quality final compost in less time.

Brenda Ashworth, ISWR’s superintendent, explained that the system is specifically designed to remove bags and urged all those who intend to compost their waste to commit to removing as many contaminants as possible before delivering it.

‘Right now anyone can deliver compostable material to the Waste Recovery Centre,’ said Ashworth. This includes waste from commercial entities and waste from private citizens.
In 2019, Teton County voters approved $2.5 million in special funding to incentivise zero-waste infrastructure initiatives. $505,766.76 of the special funds (SPET) will be used to purchase the machinery that will be installed in the Teton County composting facility at the Waste Recovery Centre.
According to Ashworth, the new system should be installed in late September or early October.
ISWR is working on a compost hauling contract to make composting more accessible in the community.
The board also approved updated fees for the Waste and Recycling Centre, effective 1 July. Overall, the increase in fees is about 4 per cent, Ashworth concluded.


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