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The all-Italian answer for optimising the paper production cycle.

The PPS system is an innovative separation system designed to minimise paper mill pulp usually intended for the land ll or incinerator and to recover raw materials for production.
The TIGER DEPACK PPS was built speci cally for processing product waste from paper mills, for installation in line with the production chain, affording maximum reliability and minimum overall dimensions, as required.
Through the use of the TIGER DEPACK PPS, the modern paper mill can concretely boast a cutting-edge production cycle, attentive to the proper management of precious resources such as water and cellulose, with very short-term investment returns, drastically cutting down the need for waste disposal systems while concurrently obtaining returns in terms of raw material recovery.

Each year, millions of tons of paper are recovered across Italy and Europe from differentiated waste collection, which are subsequently recycled to produce new paper. Recovering this signi cant raw material entails the production of a waste referred to as Paper Mill Pulp. To date, this particular processing waste has been disposed of with major expenditure in terms of environmental and nancial resources, through transportation to the land ll and to incinerators.

Tiger DePack Paper Pulp Solution is the answer to such wastage.

The Tiger DePack Paper Pulp Solution system was speci cally built over years of shared experience with industry operators. Constituting an item of major nancial and process value, Pulp is made up of a rich ux of raw material suitable for re-use and at the same time a cost item that can be reduced.

The results obtained demonstrate an average 70% recovery in weight of material sent back to the production cycle. The remaining 30% show much more even characteristics suited to speci c valuing processes.

Backed by extensive experience acquired over many years of activity in the waste processing industry, Cesaro Mac Import, owners of the Tiger DePack® brand, have developed a range of patented products: machinery dedicated to the selection of materials which have been distributed across the globe over the last 10 years.

The extreme versatility of the Tiger DePack product made it possible to devise a specific version dedicated to the processing of Paper Mill Pulp in 2017: the Tiger DePack Paper Pulp Solution.
This machine embodies all the experience of Cesaro Mac Import and Tiger DePack, combined: from design, to the introduction in existing plants, support and the supply of spare parts both in Italy and abroad.

The ease with which it can be introduced within an existing production cycle, both in indoor facilities as well as outdoors, owing to its reduced overall dimensions (occupying just 21 square metres) and its easy connection (no external provisions to be made) make the Tiger DePack HS 90 – Paper Pulp Solution the perfect solution to the needs of any Paper Mill. A single, unique machine which, owing to its particular selection system, is able in a single process to reduce by up to 70% the quantity of material currently sent for disposal at a land Fill or incinerator.
The recovered material consists of water, which is then re-used in the production cycle, and up to 20% of Paper Fibre or Pulp. Up until now, this material was lost, together with the waste pulp, which therefore meant further economic loss for the Paper Mill.
The extra-low running costs and the 24-hour processing capacity of the Tiger DePack Paper Pulp Solution make it the most ef cient and effective tool to introduce into the paper production cycle.

As an industrial machine for the recovery of raw materials, the Tiger DePack Paper Pulp Solution makes no compromises when it comes to safety. Active and passive systems control its operation, also remotely, abiding by the strictest laws on the subject of safety.

The technological evolution of the Tiger HS 90 UNIT, the Tiger HS 90 PPS, is the speci c version designed to meet the processing requirements of a paper-making pulp.
The ease with which it can be added and connected to a production cycle already under way, both indoors or outdoors as a result of its compact form factor (it takes up only 21 m2), makes the Tiger HS 90 - PPS the solution to the needs of any paper mill.
A single machine with a selection system which reduces the material previously sent to land ll or incinerated by up to 70% in just one cycle.


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