Only for North America market  bandiera americana piccola 16px TIGER HS 30 - OSC STANDARD HOPPER 3-7 T/H


HS30 OSC 2


HS30 OSC 1


The all-Italian answer for optimising the paper production cycle.

Tiger DePack HS 30 OSC. The specific Tiger DePack version for processing dry waste in plants with limited production volumes.
This is an extremely important application, heralding the evolution of the depackaging sector making it possible to recover fractions of material which would otherwise end up at the landfill.
Processing recycling dry waste with Tiger DePack makes it possible to obtain two fundamental advantages: a 90% reduction in the organic fraction still contained in the dry waste and the contemporary cleaning of the plastic material reduced to 10% of the material output.
A single machine affording a dual advantage, i.e. reducing the amount of material sent to the land ll and recovering a uniform organic component to be sent for composting or anaerobic digestion.


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