A company specialized in Environmental solutions.

Cesaro Mac Import represents the best of Made in Italy in the field of waste management.
A really eclectic and always at the forefront in offering advanced technological solutions both in the machineries in the integrated systems.
The thirty years of experience in the environmental field has allowed us to find innovative solutions to address management issues and optimization of increasingly complex processes.


The Tiger system

From this great experience it was born the Tiger system. A project Patented Cesaro Mac Import and exported all over the world, gaming system created to improve workforce quality to be sent to anaerobic digestion, reducing the presence of plastic. Over the years, the Tiger system has been included in numerous processes for the staff separation from packaging showing his versaltilità is inserted into existing production lines as a pretreatment system upstream or downstream refining. Either as a stand-alone system in a dedicated line.

The extreme versatility of this system has made it unique enough to get to export all over the world and to deal more and different materials.

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