Rimini fair confirmed from 3 to 6 November: TIGER DEPACK IS THERE!


This year with renewed commitment and trust we invite you to visit our stand at Ecomondo from November 3rd to 6th.

You will be able to preview the Doppstadt, Sennebogen and Tiger Depack news as well as all the news on Composting and Anaerobic Digestion Plants built in the last year.

To make your presence at the fair more pleasant and safe, we recommend that you register at the link we sent you via email or that you can find at the end of this page.

By registering you can download your free admission ticket to the fair.

We are waiting for you at HALL A1 STAND 135

Below you can find some useful information regarding safety.

Ecomondo is a fair that can be considered low-risk since, due to the nature of the product on display, it has always guaranteed very large spaces compared to the volumes of visitors present at the same time at the fair.

The layout provided by the fair ensured that the corridors were wide enough to allow the visitor to walk along the aisles in complete safety.Ecomondo è una fiera:

  • B2B oriented which creates a more "orderly" networking flow;
  • It is aimed mainly at a domestic audience, which helps us to predict the flow of visitors with greater certainty;
  • Which by treating technology, machinery, services and digitization will ensure the safety of interactions between visitor and exhibitor.
  • Rich in current content and of primary importance for the recovery of the country, which guarantees stability, visibility, positioning strength in the market to the event.

The layout of the event and the common areas have been designed to facilitate compliance with the rules and minimize the risk of generating crowds.

For the entire course of the fair, the rules to refer to are those of social protection and distancing devices.

Ticket registration is exclusively online, eliminating any queues at on-site ticket offices.

This solution allows visitors to have a safer experience, where on-site stay is maximized.

Directly from mobile devices or by printing the accreditation, thanks to the QR-Code present in the accreditation title, it can be accessed without any contact, allowing the tracking of entrances.

The Cesaro Mac Import - Tiger Depack stand will also be adapted to new needs without renouncing to exhibit all the news and to guarantee annual hospitality and conviviality.

In this regard, spacing will be guaranteed in the part dedicated to catering thanks to a single entrance and a dedicated exit.

  • The seats in the reception area will guarantee a minimum distance of 1 meter between people.
  • There will be certified sanitizing kits to ensure proper cleaning of the surfaces.
  • The entrance will be unique and different from the exit in order to create a controlled flow inside the stand.
  • Access to the stand will be restricted in order to guarantee our visitors maximum safety and the possibility of using catering and access to the meeting areas.
  • We will provide for the complete daily sanitation of the stand.
  • The presence of one or more sanitizing gel distribution points will be guaranteed on the stand, especially concentrated where there may be contact with furniture, brochures or products on display.
  • Meetings and / or meetings will be managed, to organize the influxes and take the necessary measures in order to distribute attendance throughout the day.
  • The catering staff will manage the sanitizing of the surfaces and monitor access to the convivial area.

The fair also makes available

  • Mask distribution points for those without one
  • Open entrances and where possible without handles
  • Multiple entrances with safety corridors and horizontal distance signs
  • Dematerialized access tickets
  • Thermoscanner and no access with temperatures above 37.5 °
  • Sanitation path
  • Obligation to enter the fair wearing a mask with access control

To further facilitate access and use of the fair in a SAFE way, the following have been prepared:

  • Shuttle buses connecting the airport, hotel and fair: sanitized, equipped with disinfectants, with masks on board and programmed number of travelers
  • Protective barriers for driver isolation from passengers
  • Conference rooms, business center, press room with seats positioned to ensure social distancing and exclusively digitized information material
  • Multimedia production and live streaming to support events and conferences
  • Wardrobe with automatic cycle single use single covers
  • Toilets with constant sanitization, antibacterial hand cleaners and staff supervision.

Access to the indoor areas of the District is allowed only by wearing a mask (if you do not have one, there will be a distribution point for the masks for each entrance).

It should be noted that the use of the mask must be continued for the entire period of stay within the neighborhood.

INFORMATION RELATING TO THE SANITATION OF AREAS (Guidelines downloadable from the IEG Expo website on the safebusiness page)

The whole structure is subjected to complete sanitation before the start of the event.

During the event there is a continuous review of the surfaces in contact with the public (bathrooms, doors, fixtures, handles, handrails, seats, etc ...) with certified products that guarantee their cleaning and complete sanitation (Sodium hypochlorite, Ethanol, Hydrogen peroxide).

The air conditioning system of the structure is subjected to complete sanitation before the start of the event.
The system operates exclusively with total air exchange, therefore introducing only clean external air.
The internal air, taken up for regular exchange, is totally expelled to the outside. This replacement will also be amplified through the opening of doors, windows and skylights.

In the toilets, the air extraction is constantly maintained. The cleaning and sanitation schedules are displayed inside the premises.

An ad hoc health service is active which guarantees professionalism and very fast intervention times if suspicious cases are identified; There is also a completely compartmentalized "quarantine" area within the district if the need arises.

It will not be possible to carry out demonstrations or anything else that induces the public to stop in the aisles adjacent to the exhibition area.







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