Andrea Piccioni - Product Manager Tiger Depack presents the news of the most innovative all-in-one separation system at e-Rec!


Tiger Depack has been producing technical solutions aimed at high performance recovery for ten years.

Food waste, production waste and waste produced by waste treatment processes are just some examples of the main matrices valorised through our de-packagers.

We manufacture the equipment of the highest reliability taking into account the specificity of each type of matrix to be recovered in order to allow a reduction in disposal costs according to the regulations issued locally and globally.

From the beginning Tiger Depack is the goal of filling technological gaps, thanks to this need twelve years ago the first de-packager produced by Tiger Depack was able to recover up to 98% of the contents from its packaging with only 20 meters squares of occupied surface and a production up to 15 tons per hour.

This exceptional result, from that moment, has allowed to reach the maximum final performance in a single pass using the minimum encumbrance.

EREC is the digital fair for the recycling industry.

It offers a virtual platform that guarantees national and international exchanges between companies, customers and associations. All participants in the virtual event have the opportunity - in the form of digital exhibition stands - to optimally present products, innovations and themselves.

Visitors can visit the exhibition stands, connect with exhibitors via chat and benefit from the show's extensive support program.

In addition, webinars, presentations and contributions inform all attendees about trends, specialist topics and innovations from recycling, disposal and the circular economy.

Tiger Depack was a guest of the e-Rec 2020 on September 2nd.

Webinar at eREC 2020:
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