27 INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITION OF THE PAPER INDUSTRY MIAC 2020 - it is an appointment not to be missed.

27 INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITION OF THE PAPER INDUSTRY MIAC 2020 - it is an appointment not to be missed.

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We are proud, as exhibitors, to participate in such an important event! MIAC offers a 360 ° overview of the technologies and equipment in the paper sector, from the production of paper and cardboard to the transformation of tissue paper.

MIAC 2020 - 14.15.16 October 2020 - Lucca -IT


TIGER DEPACK will be present at MIAC 2019 the 27th International Exhibition of the Paper Industry with its machine created to optimize the paper pulper cycle: the Tiger Depack PPS system


Tiger Depack - Paper Pulp Solution

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Recycled paper is a fundamental raw material for the regeneration of new paper. In Europe and worldwide, utilization rates are very high thanks to the millions of tons made available through the separate collection of waste.
In the production process of the new paper, the secondary raw material is dissolved in water to separate the inks and other components (for example plastics) from the paper pulp, these up to now have been subsequently managed as waste (PULPER) with very high costs. of disposal and with significant economic losses of raw material still aggregated to the Pulper waste.
The presence of percentages of cellulose in more or less significant quantities within the Pulper waste has often made it very difficult to dispose of it in landfills or incineration; reducing the volume by means of presses has reduced its weight but has not resolved the presence of organic material which, among other things, is a source of profit for the paper mill.

To solve this problem, Cesaro Mac Import, owner of the Tiger Depack brand, has developed the Tiger Depack HS 20 PPS and Tiger Depack HS 5 PPS

The Tiger Depack PPS system has been designed and adapted for the production of paper with absolutely relevant results.

"Paper Pulp Solution" a machine that exploiting a patented centrifugal separation system manages to reduce the quantity of waste material and to recover the totality of the pulp still present in the pulper.

The machine has been designed and patented to be used in medium-sized paper mills that mainly use recycled paper in their production, therefore with high production of Pulper waste to manage.

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The Tiger Depack HS 20 PPS is able to recover up to 70% by weight of the reusable material made up of water and PAPER PULP, in addition Tiger Depack reduces the material to be sent to landfill to only 30% of the input weight.

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Within a production cycle of a medium-sized paper mill, the use of the Tiger Depack PPS therefore allows to drastically reduce disposal costs and to recover raw materials all with a single machine.

Designed to be inserted in already operated systems, Tiger Depack integrates perfectly with existing security systems.
It is an all in one machine and thanks to its small size (only 21 square meters of surface occupied) it does not require specific arrangements before being installed but only the connections for water and electricity.

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It can be inserted both indoors and outdoors, the machine is designed to work both in manual and automatic cycle with H24 productivity.

The machine can be powered by automatic overhead crane systems or by wheel loaders, it is equipped with the most sophisticated safety and control systems also remotely.

Cesaro Mac Import, the manufacturer and exporter of Tiger Depack all over the world, follows all post-sales activities, guaranteeing assistance and an effective system of scheduled world wide coupons.

The "Tiger Depack  - Paper Pulp Solution" thanks to the very low management costs and 24/24 working capacity is an efficient and effective tool to be included in the paper production cycle, in fact, with the use of the Tiger PPS the modern paper mill can concretely boast a cutting-edge production cycle, attentive to the correct management of precious resources such as water and cellulose with a very short return on investment, drastically decreasing its dependence on waste disposal plants having a further return in terms of recovery of the raw material.


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During the three days of the event there are interesting free conferences that should not be missed: they are highly qualified international conferences, designed to inform participants from all over the world in a dynamic and concrete way.

Development date:  14.15.16 october 2019 - Lucca
Timetable:  14 e 15 october 9.00/18.00 - 16 october  9.00/15.30

Address: Polo Fiere di Lucca - Via della Chiesa XXXII, 237 – 55100 Lucca

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