Stop Microplastics

Hydro Air Separation Tank

The new separation tank is installed below the Tiger HS20 machine. The tank is fed directly from the Tiger Depack machine through the inlet hole located at the top of the tank, at the Tiger’s organic discharge.


3 fractions

Inerts and heavy materials, Plastics and light materials, and Organic fraction



Inerts and heavy materials

Due to the ability of the Tiger Depack system to process a variety of materials, inert materials may be present in the wet matrix at the outlet. Given their mass, (stones, ferrous materials, glass, etc…) they descend and accumulate in the lower part of the tank. Here there is a small screw conveyor whose purpose is to separate the aggregates from the organic matter inside the tank.


Plastics and light materials

Lightweight plastics are separated by flotation inside the tank. Taking advantage of this property, thanks to an auger placed inside the tank, a wave motion is created that will convey all the light materials to one side of the tank where a flow of air is placed to keep these materials on the surface. An additional extraction auger is present at the end of the material flow.


Fraction organic

After the aggregates and light plastics are removed, the central (orga-nic) fraction is conveyed inside a compartment where an extraction pump is installed. Thanks to this pump, the organic fraction is relaunched to a storage/processing site.