The range of Tiger Depack at IFAT 2022
IFAT: the unmissable european event in-volving waste treatment industry.Cesaro Mac Import, with its Tiger Depack, is proud to take part in the fair for the fourth time!
30th May - 3 th June 2022 MUNICH



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The range of Tiger Depack at IFAT 2022

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IFAT: the unmissable european event in-volving waste treatment industry.Cesaro Mac Import, with its Tiger Depack, is proud to take part in the fair for the fourth time!

30th May - 3 th June 2022 MUNICH

Tiger HS 640, born as a single machinery, is now an independent brand, Tiger Depack, multitasking and provided of its own complete line of tools.
Tiger was a single high performance machinery mostly used to im-prove the cycle of organic waste in plants producing biogas. In the last ten years the market needs increased and evolved leading to the birth of a brand: Tiger Depack (from “depackaging” the primary use of this equipment).

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This line is represented by three machines very different from each other in terms of size and of production capacity:

  • Tiger HS 10, the starting point. Untill 2017 was known as Tiger HS 640. At the moment 80 models of this version are worlwide.
  • Tiger HS 20, developed to cope with a major capacity of treate-ment: up to 20 tonn/h depending on the materials treated.
  • Tiger HS 5Tiger HS 5, the smallest, produces up to 5 tonn/h according to the input material.


Specific equipments to work particular materials, like pulper or scraps, are part of the Tiger Depack line of products.

  • Tiger Depack PPS (Paper Pulp Solution), the model especially-designed for paper mill and for the treatment of pulper.

  • Tiger Depack OSCTiger Depack OSC built up to work the scraps deriving from the treatment of the organic part of waste collection.

The uses of Tiger Depack line increases year by year thanks to the demand of machines able to offer specific treatment for specific materials.

The starting purpose was the “simple” separation of the con-tent from its packaging in order to obtain clean matrices ready for reuse.

Now the range of use of Tiger Depack machineries covers three main areas.

■ The first and most important is depacking.
It consists in separating the packaging from its content into two reu-sable parts, for instance the packaging of expired foodstuffs or lefto-vers from canteens or food retails.
The benefit for the customer is to get in change two reusable matri-ces: organic waste and packaging to be reworked during following cycles in biogas and feed (from organic) and secondary raw mate-rial (from packaging).

The second is treatement of the organic coming from waste separation.

Tiger Depack is highly performing in working organic waste both in the dry and in the wet treatement of waste as it is and of fraction from recycling. Tiger Depack cleans and divides the organic from plastics (bags and impurities) and the organic is then homogenized for the following process of digestion. Experience shows that thanks to Tiger Depack, the weight of plastics to send to disposal decreases from 27% to 7%.

■ The tird area of use is inside production cycles.
The most suitable type of Tiger to be fitted in operating run of production is the smallest one.
Often quality control and randson testings in industrial production generates scraps, for instance skewed labels on packaging. Tiger Depack dividing the item enables the recover of the packaging and of the content preventing waste production.
At present Tiger is working in factories producing animal feed, ice cream or detergents.

Tiger Depack PPS is used in processing Paper Mill Pulper. Pulper is not a waste but the scrap deriving from processing recy-cled paper. The integration of Tiger Depack PPS in this area of pro-duction has allowed the recycle of the whole of pulper. This way pulper returns into production process together with a considerable decrease of waste disposal.

Tiger Depack is the perfect system for processing organic waste, expired foodstuff, detergents, hygiene products.
Depackagers of Tiger Depack manage from 5 to 20t/h. Its capacity per hour depends on the type material treated and on its final desti-nation. Tiger Depack Depackagers provide a wide range of treate-ments only by setting and managing two systems.

The management software controls and optimizes the power and the amount of water to be introduced in the process avoiding down times.

This is the reason why during the treatement it is possible to de-tect unexpected changes in the material. These changes may depend on the hetereogeneity of the material itself or on accidental input. The software, matured in a ten years experience, uniforms the material with the result of a constant quality in production over time: the fundamental requirement to achieve high performances.

It is always possible to integrate Tiger Depack machines in an existing system of treatement.

Tiger Depack technology is patented to become part of plants al-ready running. Tiger Depack is an outstanding equipment in its field. Before Tiger Depack there wasn’t on the market any system all-in-one and there wasn’t any system so highly performing.

Another key element of Tiger Depack line is its compactness: the largest model occupy an area of 20 s.m. Its limited extension, in re-lation to a production run, allows to fit it easily into the most working treatement lines without the need need to buid external structures like electrical substations or water supply platforms.

Each model is all-in-one, intuitive and easy to use.

The power supply enables the use of the machinary both inside and outside.
The use of Tiger Depack is extremely easy thanks its intuitive sys-tem which can be operated manually or automatically. Throught the software it is possible to operate the major parameters of the machi-nes itself, for instance loading speed and the amount of liquids ad-ded during the process.

A built-in sensor system reliably enables Tiger machines to regu-late themselves in order to optimize consumption and to reduce the engine strain.

A large touch-screen supports real-time control of consumption, of the strain of each engine and of the amount of liquids added during the process.
Becoming part of a pre-existing plant and its equipments, Tiger ma-chineries interact with the external managing systems readily and easily.

The achievements of Tiger Depack

More than 100 Tiger sold all over the world, in 15 different coutries
6 Official Dealers: U.S.A./Canada, Spain, Norway, Russia, U.K., France
Support service and genuine spare parts guaranteed anywhere in the world.

Tiger Depack offers to its customers all over the world a ready and effective after sale support by a remote monitoring and diagnosis system.


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30th May - 3 th June 2022 MUNICH


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