Tiger Depack – PAPER PULP SOLUTION - reduces paper pulp wastage.


For the first time ever at MIAC 2018 - the 25th International Paper Industry Exhibition -, the Italian company Cesaro Mac Import will be presenting its new machine created to optimise the Paper Mill Pulp cycle.

Recycled paper is a vital raw material for the regeneration of new paper. In Europe and across the world, usage rates are very high thanks to the millions of tonnes made available through separate waste collection.

During the production process of new paper, the secondary raw material is dissolved in water to separate the inks and other components (for instance plastic) from the paper pulp, which up until now were subsequently managed as waste (PULP) with extremely steep disposal cost and significant economic losses of raw materials still aggregated to the waste Pulp.

The presence of cellulose percentages in more or less significant quantities within waste Pulp has often made its disposal at a landfill or incinerator extremely complicated; reducing its volume using presses has reduced its weight but it hasn't remedied the problem of the presence of organic material, which aside from other things, is a source of profit for the paper mill.

To remedy this issue, Cesaro Mac Import, the owner of the Tiger Depack brand, has developed the "Tiger Depack HS 20 PPS – Paper Pulp Solution" which is machinery that exploits a patented system of centrifugal separation that manages to reduce the quantity of waste material and recover all the paper paste still in the pulp.

The Tiger Depack technology is devised to separate packaging from the contents in order to obtain matrices that can be re-used in the primary production cycles as part of a rising focus on the part of production cycles and industries on integrating secondary matrices within them and producing less and less waste and refuse.

Tiger Depack is an extremely flexible machine, which uses a patented centrifugal separation system that makes it perfect for use in multiple fields: from industry to optimise production waste, to the management of organic waste from separate waste collection to separate plastic materials from organic waste, and also the management of waste from production cycles such as pulp in order to reduce the quantity of the latter and recover raw materials from it.

The Tiger Depack PPS system was designed and adapted for the production of paper with truly outstanding results.

The machine was designed and patented for use in medium-sized paper mills that mainly use recycled paper in their production cycle, and therefore with high productions of waste pulp to handle.

The characteristics of the waste pulp may vary depending on the type of paper produced and on the quality and type of secondary material at input.  These variable can be found: in the percentage and in the characteristics of the plastic materials and in the quantity and quality of organic matrix still present. The characteristics of the Waste are assessed by Cesaro Mac Import in order to adapt the hourly production rate of the Tiger Depack HS 20 PPS and the quality of the matrices at output.

The Tiger Depack HS 20 PPS is capable of recovering up to 70 % in weight of re-usable material consisting of water and PAPER PULP; in addition, Tiger Depack reduces to just 30% the weight at input of the material to be sent to the landfill.

Within the production cycle of a medium-sized paper mill, the use of the Tiger Depack PPS therefore makes it possible to reduce disposal costs drastically as well as to recover large quantities of raw materials first, all of this using a single piece of machinery.

Designed to be incorporated into existing systems, the Tiger Depack can also be seamlessly integrated within existing safety systems. It is an all-in-one machinery and thanks to its compact size (just 21 square metres of occupied floor space) it does not require specific preparations before being installed, as all it needs is a water and an electricity connection to be up and running.

It can be included in both indoor and outdoor settings, and the machine is designed to operate both in a manual and in an automatic cycle with 24-hour productivity.

The machine can be powered using automatic travelling crane systems or using wheeled loaders, and it is equipped with the most sophisticated safety and control systems, including remotely.

Cesaro Mac Import - the manufacturer and exporter of Tiger Depack across the world - follows all after-sales activities, guaranteeing support and an efficient system of scheduled servicing world-wide.

Thanks to the ultra-low running costs and its 24/7 working capacity, the "Tiger Depack HS 20 - Paper Pulp Solution" is an efficient and an effective tool to include within any paper production cycle. Indeed, through the use of the TIGER HS20 PPS, the modern paper mill can concretely boast a cutting-edge production cycle, attentive to the proper management of precious resources such as water and cellulose, with very short-term investment returns, drastically cutting down the need for waste disposal systems while concurrently obtaining returns in terms of raw material recovery.