Tiger HS 640 & Refood! Winning combination in organic waste management!



The Tiger HS 640 has been applied by the Refood company, the largest private English company in the industry. The only concern that manages the entire waste supply chain in a single system, from collecting organic waste to converting it into energy. 

The treated waste originates mostly from the restaurant and catering industry, canteens, supermarkets, through the management of waste from small neighbouring Municipalities.

The process is managed entirely by Refood which uses its own vehicles to collect directly from customers, collecting full bins and replacing them with clean, disinfected empty ones.

The material is then conveyed to the plant in a sealed pit which guarantees efficient odour control. From here, the material is then loaded directly into the Tiger Depackaging Machine.

The entire area is managed impeccably in a clean environment, thanks also the treatment capacity of the Tiger, enabling it to process the product quickly and ensuring efficient storage management.

The material is processed by the Tiger through the addition of specific quantities of water, allowing the organic waste to be sent upon outlet from the Tiger directly to the wet digester so it can be converted into energy.

Using the most sophisticated technology on the market, Refood has managed to create a complete and efficient integrated system to produce electricity - from the latest updates - from Biomethane to introduce directly into the Mains. Thanks to the Tiger System this project has managed to achieve maximum efficiency, since the machine guarantees outstanding recovery of the entire organic portion of waste, producing a matrix that is already optimal for bio-digestion without the need for further processing.

Based on the first System set up in Doncaster, now the complete process will be replicated in all the other English plants. To date Refood is the only fully integrated food chain recycler. In practice, it deals with the entire organic waste supply chain on its own.

In the 4 videos, you will be able to see how the company works, and how the process works.

Tiger Depackaging Machine 100% Green Energy!

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